Wedding Photography Tips

Even though you’re going to be hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding, it’s still important to know what makes a good wedding photograph and photographer so that you best know how to pose, how to identify a good local photographer as well as knowing how the whole process of photography would go during the actual day of your wedding or simply even just your photo shoot.

Check out the above video, it shows you lots of tips that many professional wedding photographers like Grandeur wedding studio put to use for their photography skills.

As you can see, front focused, and back blur is a great type of photograph. It makes for a unique look and really focuses the vision of the eye on the front / focused area.

Macro shots of items like the wedding ring, wedding cake e.t.c. also are interesting looking and make for beautiful photos.

Also, one secret to taking beautiful wedding images is to make sure that the colours within the image are vibrant and of varying tone (e.g. bright and soft colours)

Weddings In Singapore

If you have been to weddings in Singapore, you will realize that they can be quite different, and in this article, I shall talk about Chinese and Malay weddings in Singapore as they are the most common ones.

First of all, when it comes to Chinese weddings, there will be a mutual tea party at both the bride as well as the groom’s parents’ house. This is basically a ceremonial event which is usually preceded by some ‘games’ which the groom and his best men must play to ‘get the bride’. After all these tea parties at each others’ parents’ houses, then the groom and bride will usually go somewhere to rest as well as change out of their morning attire. Then, after all the resting in the afternoon, it will soon be dinner time and they will change into their evening attire and wedding gown (for the bride) and then proceed to the designated and booked posh and luxurious restaurant (usually at a high end hotel within Singapore). The guests will then come in and the parents as well as the couple will be greeting the guests who come in. Then the official dinner event banquet will start and the couple will then walk in (usually with lots of mist from dry ice from the grounds). It will be the grand finale of the wedding day for the coulpe and then everyone feasts. After most of the dishes have been served, then the groom and bride will then be walking around toasting people and thanking guests for coming.

Now, let’s move on to Malay weddings in Singapore and how it usually is. There is a stark difference in the sense that most (not all) Malay weddings are held at the void decks of their house or perhaps parents’ house. Now, there would usually also be something like a tea party of sorts for the couple, and then there would usually be tons of guests (usually many more for Malays because each family has so many members) at a Malay wedding in Singapore.

In any situation, if you need a good photographer for your wedding (, make sure that they’re able to take good photographs (as you can see from their wedding photo portfolio) as well as their customer service support.

Singapore Wedding Photography Services FAQ

Ok, if you’ve read my previous post, you should now know how to find a good wedding photographer in Singapore for your pre-wedding photo shoot or perhaps even actual day photography. However, what happens next? Do you simply wait until the shoot day before confirming anything and do you need to pay anything upfront? Here, in this post, I seek to share the common answers to these commonly asked questions by soon-to-be brides and grooms.

Question 1: Do I have to pay anything up front? And if so, how much?

Answer 1: Usually, most wedding photographers in Singapore would require you to put a deposit of around 20 to 50% of the overall price that you would need to pay for their services. This deposit will be treated as a guaranteed booked timeslot on the photographer’s or studio’s schedule as well.

Question 2: What happens next? Do I have to contact the photographer nearer to the wedding date?

Answer 2: Under most circumstances, you do not actually have to contact the photographer himself or herself. He or she should know that your shoot is coming up and might even automatically send you a reminder. However, if you’re worried, simply drop him a call, email or SMS.

Question 3: How does he know who to take more photos of at the wedding ceremony? There are so many guests!

Answer 3: In the event that he or she does not instruct you to do so beforehand, I would highly advise you to appoint someone in the guest list (either a family or friend) who is very familiar with most people who will be at the wedding ceremony. The appointed person would then point out to the photographer any important people in your spouse’s and your life so that the photographer can take more photographs of these people whom you’re more intimate to.

Question 4: Is there anything else I need to know about pre-wedding or AD photography in Singapore?

Answer 4: When it comes to Singapore photography services, as long as you have engaged the right photographer like how I recommend you find one in my last post, you should do just fine and they’ll tell you everything you need to know in advance (very little actually, all are mentioned above).

Being A Wedding Photographer In Singapore?

Have you been thinking about making a 360 degree career switch and work for yourself instead of being like most people in Singapore and get a corporate job?

Being a wedding photographer has a lot of perks, and freedom is one of them. Of course, being a wedding photographer won’t make you feel free if you don’t have any passion for it in the first place – that is why it is important to have a passion for it firstly.

Let us now assume that you at least have the passion for photography. There are a few ways that wedding photographers in Singapore get sales. They either freelance for several wedding studios in Singapore, or they will make use of referrals. The way I found to be more successful is to get tagged with several studios in Singapore and be independent contractors (or you could get employed by a good one as well). This is because it is very difficult to get referrals from wedding photography. Once you get 1 customer, you have to wait for a few months at least for his or her photo shoot to take place, and you would take at least 1 to 2 weeks editing his or her photographs. This means that for your to completely fulfill your service to 1 customer, it takes around 3 to 8 months. Not every happy customer will automatically refer you to another potential customer – let us assume that percentage is around 10%. This means that you would need years before you get referrals! Working with existing wedding photography studios in Singapore is definitely a much better idea!

Because you’re an independent contractor, you’re free to choose which customers you want to work with (or rather, which dates you want to work on). Although it is recommended that you take up as many jobs as possible referred to you by such a wedding photography studio if you want them to refer more to you in future, you are still free to choose. I love that sense of freedom – that’s true freedom.

Just make sure to tie up with a good studio like or NATSTUDIOS.

Choosing A Bridal Gown In Singapore

There are differences between the ways a bride should choose her wedding gown in Singapore versus if the bride was from elsewhere.

This is because brides from Singapore are generally slimmer than their counterparts from Europe. Therefore, although many bridal magazines come from Europe, brides in Singapore would do better by not reading them because it is simply not applicable.

Here are some tips if you want to get your wedding gown Singapore.

First of all, as most brides in Singapore are considered relatively slim, you do not want to go to extreme measures (like what European bridal magazines recommend) to make yourself look very skinny. You want to focus on looking proportionate and being more shapely. Regardless of your general body size, the key to looking great is to show off your womanly curves by accentuating your bust and butt and making your tummy look toned. Therefore, if you’re flat chested, find bridal gowns which have more fluff in the chest area. Most Asian women, including those in Singapore, need less effort in getting the appearance of having a slim stomach to look good, but would get more results by increasing the appearance of the size of their bust and the shapeliness of their butt instead.

Second of all, go for white. If you want to look like a clown, pick some random colour for your wedding gown. But most people in the entire Asia are still relatively modest and conservative when it comes to choosing their wedding gowns. Clearly, you can be trendy, but please do not pick something that looks like Lady Gaga would wear to a concert or your family and friends are going to think you’re odd. It’s ok to stand out, but looking like Lady Gaga is going overboard – especially for a wedding!

Last but not least, get a bridal gown that actually suits you. You may like a particular design a lot, but perhaps only a black woman with a bigger than average butt can pull it off – don’t get that. You will look better in whatever wedding gown makes you look better; not a wedding gown that makes other people look better.

AD Wedding Photography In Singapore – What To Expect

Have you been to weddings in Singapore before? If you haven’t, then you might want to read on to find out more for your actual day bridal photography Singapore experience if you’re going to get married in Singapore.

  1. The day starts off with the photographer first going to the bride’s house. He or she would then be photographing the bride doing her make up as well as the bridesmaids at her house.
  2. At this point in time, the groom will be arriving with his entourage of cars (at least 1 bridal car). The photographer will then take images of all these wedding processions.
  3. The groom will now enter the bride’s house, but before that happens, he or she would usually be put to some ‘tests’ by the bridesmaids, to ‘prove’ that he really loves the bride. It would usually be silly games like asking the groom to eat chilli padi or do something embarrassing. All these games will also be photographed by the photographer. At this point in time, usually only the bride will be inside the house and the other guests and bridesmaids would be outside.
  4. Finally, the groom and bride meets for the first time officially on the actual wedding day. The couple will then be having tea ceremony with the bride’s parents, followed by travelling to the groom’s parent’s house and doing the same thing as well. The photographer will either follow the couple’s car or be in another car in the wedding procession.
  5. During this period of time, it is the rest time for the couple, and the working time of the photographer. The engaged bridal AD photographer will then need to work on his or her laptop and edit the photographs that he or she has taken in the earlier part of the day – e.g. the tea party and wedding processions. These photographs will then be showcased in a photo montage during the banquet.
  6. It is the evening banquet time, and the photographer will need to pass the event organizer the files for the photo montage to be showcased.
  7. The photographer will now get into positions and prepare for the guests to come in, and eventually the bride and groom.
  8. The wedding bells ring and the couple walks into the ballroom while the photographer snaps away.

Prewedding Photography – To Preserve Your Beautiful Memories

Marriage for most couples in Singapore is something that happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, as with all important events in our lives, we would want to capture these beautiful moments and preserve them. Although most couples go for actual day wedding photography services, many couples in Singapore are starting to appreciate the importance of going for a prewedding photo shoot as well.

When it comes to actual day photography, it is usually just candid photographs of the couple going about their day’s activities of their wedding day. There are very few posed or exceptionally intimate moments. It’s more about capturing of the events on that special day.

However, with pre wedding photography, you are able to live out your lifelong and/or childhood dreams about your marriage. This is especially the case for the female. This is because many women have dreamed of having the perfect marriage and taking beautiful wedding pictures ever since they were a girl. Take note that nearly all the ‘amazing’ wedding photos you have seen were most likely pre wedding photographs taken in Singapore, and not actual day wedding photographs.

There are several great places in Singapore in which you can have your pre wedding photography at. For the nature lovers, you could go to Tuas – yes, Tuas. There are many beautiful grasslands at Tuas, and because they’re known by so few people, the entire grasslands there will look truly amazing if you were to take your wedding images there.

Hort Park is another hotspot for couples looking to take their outdoor prewedding photo shoot in Singapore as well. With beautiful backdrops, Hort Park is a hot favourite among locals and foreigners looking to take their photographs in Singapore.

For the city lovers, Helix bridge near Marina Bay Sands look absolutely stunning and futuristic. There are many couples who love to go there. Just take note that there can be quite a lot of people there on the weekends. Therefore, if you want to take your images at the Helix Bridge, make sure to go on a weeknight – that is when there are the fewest people and the most beautiful time to take your photos against that backdrop.

There are lots of talented studios and professional photographers in Singapore who provide pre wedding photography services, and the best I have found is the undisputed king of bridal photography services in Singapore – GWS. They have tons of raving reviews and great priced packages for their elegant and exquisite looking wedding images.

Finding A Top Wedding Photographer From Singapore

If you are needing to look for a top wedding photographer in Singapore and have no idea where to look or how to find a good one, you’re at the right place.

  1. Grandeur Wedding Studio.
    One of the top wedding photography studios in Singapore, they have been featured on Blissful Brides too ( They specialize in both prewedding and actual day wedding photography and if you were to simply check out their website, you will find that a grand feeling comes to you when looking at their photos. The photos have a very elegant and grand feeling to it that you cannot find elsewhere. If you and your fiance want your wedding images to turn out looking like those of a Hollywood celebrity couple, then Grandeur Wedding Studio is your ideal choice in Singapore.
  2. Pixioo.
    They’re a studio founded back in early 2010s, and they’ve spread quite a fair bit through word of mouth marketing alone. Pixioo’s photographers take quite mystical looking photos. In my opinion, the photographs that Pixioo photographers take look like it was taken in a mist or something like that, so if you want your wedding images to have such a ‘magical’ and mysterious feel to it, they’re your best choice.
  3. Bloc Memoire.
    I wouldn’t say that they take the best photographs in Singapore, but they certainly package it in one of the cutest ways I have seen.
    They actually print out your photographs and package it in a cute little wooden box. I think it is very adorable. However, if you’re a techie and you prefer having digital images too, you will find that they do not provide it and I’m not sure whether they will give it to you even if you pay them extra (though it is likely they will give it to you then)

So there you go, three of the very top wedding photography studios in Singapore which are fantastic in their own way. I recommend you choose one of the above companies for your wedding photo shoot.